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We've created several programs to fit a variety of needs. I realize that one-on-one coaching isn't right for everyone (even if it's what we do best).

Click on the button below to explore our systems in detail, and see if one is right for you.

Personal Training


You don't need anyone's permission to get started. We'll give you the exercise and diet plans that have helped hundreds get started on their own. 

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If you struggle with accountability this is the program for you. We provide a hybrid system to keep you on track without breaking the bank.

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Not for the faint of heart, these programs are best for getting you back in the gym full time. Best for those trying to kickstart success or looking for a way to level-up.

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Hi, I'm Chris Stroik

Have you tried plan after plan and searched for a coach that actually cares about your very well-being and not just your pocket book?

I understand. I started almost a decade ago learning about my own health and fitness, and learned the hard way. I want to help you learn the easy way, because your health doesn't have to be confusing. 

My Story

Hi, I'm Makenzie Williams

Health and fitness has always been my passion since I was a young girl. I desperately wanted to be strong and “healthy”, but like most young girls, “healthy” was a vague term, and was often misinterpreted. Living a healthy lifestyle wasn’t always easy, as most people could concur. The process of trial-and-error contributed entirely to figure out what “healthy” means to me. Determined, I made it my mission to understand what being healthy meant. 

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What can you expect 

from Stryker Fitness?

Stryker Fitness selects 1-on-1 clients based on their motivation - NOT on their current fitness levels. Nobody can help you get serious about fitness if you don't feel internally motivated. That's why we clearly discuss goals and what's driving your motivation on DAY ONE.

Get Serious

Apply to our 1-on-1 training program; share your expectations so we can set goals.

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Receive an answer within 48 hours, once accepted, you will be given a start date.

Get Results

You will receive your custom meal plan & workout program, and we get to work.

Kerry V.

"I started training with Chris to help get rid of those last few baby pounds that just wouldn't go away. I am highly competitive and he tailored every workout to fuel that fire. 5 plus years later, I still would never use anyone else to help me reach my fitness goals. If you want personalized workouts or a group setting, Chris is the guy to help you reach your goals."

Cain B.

"I started working with Chris when I was struggling with an injury. He started by focusing on exercises and movements that didn't strain the injured area too much, and worked to strengthen the surrounding area. It's roughly two months later and my recovery is progressing  and I'm building strength. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive, and I'll continue working with Chris."

Denise S.

"Chris is an excellent trainer. He is very professional, adds variety to the workouts and always challenges me. I would highly recommend him."

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You don't have to be a fitness fanatic to come work with us. Stryker Fitness is all about getting your body the treatment it deserves. Take a look at the client transformations we've been part of. 

Client Transformations

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