Hello, I'm Chris.

Most people assume that there's something special about people who get fit. We believe that they have a special skill, mental tenacity, or that they're just naturally good at it.

I know, because I thought that too.

It's not true. 😨

I didn't start out with muscles. Just like you, I had to begin somewhere...and it was not always easy. It takes most people years to get where I am, but all it really takes is a good coach and a motivated student. 


Bree's Story

Bree was looking for someone to keep her accountable with  workouts and nutrition after moving to the area. She was a referral from a current client of mine. 

In the first 2 months of working together she was able to lose 12 lbs. Weight loss was her initital goal. 

She was reluctant to try a competition, but her confidence grew over time. We prepared for about 6 months with a workout and nutrition plan to support her. 

"I won my height division in my first ever show! It was so much fun and a great goal to accomplish. Chris was professional and motivating. I looked better at 30 than I did in my 20s. Following this, I competed in the Mrs. Wisconsin America Pageant and won first runner up!

Experience from the fitness competition helped me to be confident on stage during the pageant. Most importantly, I felt strong and confident with Chris' heath and fitness guidance."

James' Story

James came to me because he was starting to plateau in his own workouts. He was doing the same routines every week over and over again and not getting the results he wanted. He was ready to take his performance to another level. 

Our initial goal for him was to lose the weight he had gained, and also to heighten the learning curve in workouts. Afterwards, focus on aesthetics.  

"I was able to drop all of my unwanted weight, gain knowledge, maintain and then make gains from a lean physique and also add strength."

Make the Decision

Every person on this page was where you are today. On the cusp of making a decision; will they stay in their old habits, or accept the challenge facing them. 

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